24/06/04: Infos about Sonic Advance 3
Now that Sonic Advance 3 is out you would like some infos about it, no? Some numbers:
-seven zones
-5 characters
-single-player and co-op mode
-multi-player mode with 1 to 4 cartridges.
Now the zones are accessible from a sort of "overworld".Sonic and Tails are the only avaible characters at the beginning, Knuckles, Amy and Cream must be unlocked.One of the secondary quest in the game is the search for 9 chaos in any level and this will require a bit of exploration and effort.But the real new feature is the presence of two characters.The first one is controlled by the player, the second one from the AI or from a second player via link cable.The second character help the first one and can provide special moves. For example Sonic can reach higher platform with the help of Tails, and the fox boy can have a boost of speed with Sonic's help.With 5 different character there's a total of 20 combinations everyone with different moves!The multi-player modes lets you play in two teams in search of chaos with one cartridge or with more cartirdges you can compete in race through the levels.

Sega and Sammy are to merge
For a few months Sega and Sammy have been more "will they wont they?" then most of the couples on television. It is now official, Sega and Sammy are to merge.
After purchasing a 22.4% stake in Sega last year Sammy are now to fully merge with them. The new company, to be called Sega Sammy Holdings Inc., will be Japan's biggest software company, a title previously held by Konami.
Last year the companies earned 440 billion yen so it looks promising for the new company. The merger will be complete by October 1st but it is not certain how it will affect Sega's future in the gaming industry.
Sammy president Hajime Satomi, the head of the new company, said, "By integrating our operations, we will strive to become the world's number one entertainment company at an earliest time."

Sonic Advance 3 Coming Soon!
July the 18th Sonic Advance 3 will be released in Europe.In the new Sonic game for GBA we will be able to play with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Cream.The characters will work in couples like in Sonic Heroes, but the couples will be chosen by the player!Watch these screenshots from the japanese version:

SEGA announces SEGA SuperStars for EyeToy!The 26th April SEGA announced that SEGA SuperStars will be a game for the EyeToy, the interactive camera for Playstation 2.The game will let players to interact with the most famous SEGA characters, from the Sonic, Samba de Amigo and Virtua Fighter series. It will be show 12th may in occasion of E3 2004.the complete news

The New Sonic Fanz Guild
Some time ago I created an Internet site dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the most loved videogame charaters ever.The ones of you who visited us at least once could have found a Forum, some interesting news, fantastic stories and wonderful drawings born form the fantasy of the blue hedgehog lovers.
But I wanted my site to be something more.
I wanted it to become a meeting place for all Sonic fans.
I wanted it to let them talk about Sonic here.
And I wanted let everybody to find any information about Sonic or his world.
For this I decided to leave the old site, transfer it in a bigger web space, and transform it into a portal!
That's well, even if very simple, The Sonic Fanz Guild you are visiting now will be a portal on the Sonic world with a particular attention to the works of the fans.
Here you'll find other Sonic sites, divided by language and listed according to their contents in a simple table.
You're going to behold the works the fans will let us post here and contact them<.br/>But what were before is still here! The Forum, the characters profiles, the Sonic's Story are still here!
And if you want a site to be added in the table, you just have to send us a mail with the URL and its contents.
Welcome to The New Sonic Fanz Guild!


14th May 2004Sonic Dream banner added!

5th May 2004We had got some problems with the old forum, but now we've got a new one, with a chat too!New Forum

28th April 2004Sonic Forum's banner added!

15th April 2004
Surfing the net I found the Sonic the hedgehog official fanlisting!It's an official list of all Sonic fans!I subscribed right away! Click here and subscribe you too!

The english section of the Sonic Fanz Guild is now opened!