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2nd September 2004: Dreamcast still lives!
The SEGA console wasn't a commercial success as SEGA wanted to, but nowadays there are still players using it! The Servers of Phantasy Star Online and other games are still accessed by people from all over the world!
thanks to MetalSonic82 for the news

3rd August 2004: Positive Merge?
The merge of SEGA and Sammy, which will be official at the 1st October, raised the actions of the company in the japanese market.
Have you seen theSega-Sammy Logo?
Sega, Sammy e Namco will make a net for arcade games, Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution, in going to use this new tecnology
Our NewsHunter found something about the Sonic Team too.

Here's the links to the news: 1 2 3 4 5 Sega Annuonces Phantasy Star Universe 1 Sega Annuonces Phantasy Star Universe 2
All these news where given by MetalSonic82

04/07/04: Farewell Sonic Team?
Because of the recent Sega-Sammy merging, the Sonic Team will become an INTERNAL team of the japanese company. This mean then, probably, the name Sonic Team will no longer be heard.In Japan the Sonic Team opened a contest with various gadgets for prizes.If you can read japanese, read the Sonic Team page for all the details: Sonic Team
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